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   1.   Free online access to directory search
         BASISNET registration is free of charge. Upon successful registration, we will          send you the ID & Password to access the BASISNET.You can enjoy free          directory search on Malaysia’s largest privately owned business report database.
   2.   Fast & easy to use
         BASISNET is developed using the latest state of art technology and is user          friendly. Comprehensive and analytical reports can be delivered online to enable          you make fast business decisions.
   3.   Convenient and accessible internationally 24 hours a day &           7 days a week
         BASISNET enables you to access online worldwide reports regardless of where          you are. It is also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the          year.
   4.   Quality & accurate decision making
         Our highly trained and experienced researchers & analysts will ensure each          report available in BASISNET is of good quality, comprehensive and current so          that you can make your business decisions more confidently. This will help you          to reduce your risk in making wrong business decisions.
   5.   Time Saving
         You can save significant time and cost in collating and analysing the information          as all our reports are well researched, updated and analysed with the proven          credit risk assessment tools. The reports are well presented and easy to read to          make your business decisions easier.
   6.   Cost Saving
         All online reports in BASISNET is 50% cheaper or half the price of updated          reports. You are entitled for free online report when you order for an          updated report on the same company within the same month. An attractive          discount of as high as 50% when you sign up our Platinum membership plan.
   7.   Free For Life
         BASISNET membership is free for life. There is no annual fee or yearly          subscription required as it is a prepaid plan. You may utilise your credit balance          for the next 5 years, 10 years or even longer.
   8.   Unlimited Users
         You can add any number of users to access BASISNET online. It is ideal for          conglomerates or corporations which have branches. Credit balance can be          shared among subsidiaries and branches worldwide.
   9.   Online support
         Our dedicated Customer Care Consultants are available to assist you online          through the online messages / online chat.This will save you significant          telecommunication costs where all questions can be answered via our online          support.
   10.  Online payment
           You can subscribe or renew your membership plan online via Maybank2U or            credit card.
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